What Happens After Your Procedure (MWHC)
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What Happens After Your Procedure (MWHC)

When the procedure is done, you may be a little sleepy, so we’re going to want to keep a close eye on you. You’ll stay in the recovery area for a while which can be up to eight hours. 

Here we’re going to make sure you are comfortable and watch the site where we put in the catheter to make sure it doesn’t bleed. We’ll need you to stay very still.

After you are more awake, the doctor will come by to talk about what he or she saw during the procedure and answer any questions that you or your family might have.

The doctor will also talk to you about what’s next, if you should follow up with your primary doctor, your cardiologist, or another doctor. Whatever the recommendation, the doctor is there to help you understand what the plan is.

When we feel you are ready, we’ll have you get up and walk around the recovery area a bit to make sure you are feeling OK.

Finally, a nurse will go over the instructions about what to do after you leave. Some patients get prescriptions for some new medications, but the nurse will give you all the information you need for those medications and answer any questions.