Dealing with Your Chest Pain (MWHC)
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Dealing with Your Chest Pain (MWHC)

The hope is that the procedure you just had will lessen your chest pain, but there’s the chance that it may still occur.

If you do experience chest pain, sit down, stay calm, and rest. Relaxing might help the symptoms go away.

If you were lying down when the pain started, try sitting up.

You can also try breathing deeply to relax.

If the pain still doesn’t go away, take your nitroglycerin tablets or spray as prescribed by your doctor. Remember, when you take your nitroglycerin you should sit or lie down while you take it.

If you’re taking tablets, put them under your tongue or between your cheek and gum to let them dissolve. Do not chew or swallow the tablet. Leave it in your mouth until it dissolves.

If you’re using a spray, do not shake the spray container. Just spray the medication on or under your tongue.

Once you’ve taken your nitroglycerin, wait five minutes to see if the pain goes away. If it doesn’t go away after five minutes, take your nitroglycerin again and wait another five minutes.

If you’ve taken your nitroglycerin three times, waiting five minutes between each time you take it, and your pain does not go away, call 911 immediately.