Getting to the Cath Lab

Getting around MedStar Washington Hospital Center can be overwhelming, but with this guide, we’ll be able to show you the easiest way to get to the cath lab.

You’ll start off at the Main Entrance, which is across from the Blue Parking Lot. Follow the hallway to the left of the information desk until you see a courtyard through the windows. At that point, there will be a doorway on your left leading to another hallway.

Entering that hallway, you’ll find the sign for the Admissions Office halfway down the hall. You’ll need to stop at Admissions to register before you go up to the cath lab.

After registering, to continue to the cath lab, you’ll turn left out of Admissions and head down the hall to the C/D Elevators.

Before you get to the C/D elevators, you will pass the President Eisenhower Dedication Memorial brick wall. This means you’re almost at the elevators.

Past the brick wall, you’ll see the elevators on your right with the letters C/D on the doors.

Use these elevators to go up to the fourth floor. This may take some time, as these elevators are quite busy.  

On the fourth floor, exit the elevator to the right, and take the hallway immediately to the left. You’ll see signs pointing you to the Cardiac Cath Lab Waiting Room.

Feel free to talk to any of our hospital staff along the way if you need any help.