What Does the Procedure Room Look Like? (MWHC)
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What Does the Procedure Room Look Like? (MUMH)

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What Does the Procedure Room Look Like? (MWHC)

When it’s time for the procedure, we will bring you to the procedure room. You may or may not have been in a room like this before. You’ll see there is a lot of equipment in there, which makes the room noisier than you might expect, and there may be a lot of people, including your doctor and several nurses.

While you’re in there, you will be lying down with a cover over you. It might get a little chilly. We’ll give you some medication to make you comfortable, but you won’t be fully asleep. In addition, the doctor will give you some numbing medication.

After that, all you should feel is some pressure. If you are feeling uncomfortable at any time, during any part of the procedure, please say something.

We can give you more medication to help you, but we can only do that if you tell us how you’re feeling.

We’re there to take care of you, and that includes making you comfortable.