What to Expect Before Your Procedure (MUMH)
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What to Expect Before Your Procedure (MUMH)

When you get to the cath lab waiting room, you’ll be met by an office assistant who will have you do some paperwork. Your family members or loved ones will still be with you, so they can help you if you need it.

Next, we’ll bring you, and one or two family members back to the holding area where there will be some things for you to do before the actual procedure.

You’ll need to change into a hospital gown, and a nurse will come by to check your vitals. They will check your heart rate and blood pressure, and the nurse will also place an IV. If extra blood work is needed, the nurse might also draw some blood.

When this is done, a care team member will come by to review your health history and go over the plan for the day.

Lastly, a care team member will come by and discuss the procedure they are going to do and answer any questions you or your family might have.

These preparations before the procedure usually take about an hour, but it’s helpful to remember that the schedule may vary because of emergencies, so it’s best to think of this procedure as an all-day event.