Remote Monitoring For Your Defibrillator
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Remote Monitoring For Your Defibrillator

Advances in technology let your care team see the results from your defibrillator without you having to come into the clinic. After your procedure, you may be given a small machine to take home with you. This machine is called a remote monitor, and it will be powered through an electrical outlet or with batteries. Your remote monitor is used to transmit information from your device while you’re at home.  

Current ICDs are able to communicate with your remote monitor through Bluetooth technology. Pairing your monitor with your ICD can be done with your care team before you go home or by following the directions that come with your monitor.

Once you’ve paired your ICD with your monitor, it will communicate with your ICD when you’re within a few feet of the remote monitor. This usually happens overnight, so many people place the monitor next to where they sleep. Periodic transmissions occur automatically. But, if you think you’ve experienced an event and would like to be evaluated immediately, you can send an unscheduled transmission. Be sure to call your device team to give them a heads up, and tell them why you’re sending an unscheduled report.