Weigh Yourself Daily
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What is Heart Failure?

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Weigh Yourself Daily

When you have heart failure, it’s important to keep track of your symptoms every day. One of these symptoms is fluid buildup, and one sign of that is fast weight gain. If you have fast weight gain, you need to call your doctor right away. It could mean that your condition is getting worse or that you need to change medications.

Fast weight gain is when:

  • Your weight goes up two or more pounds in one day
  • Your weight goes up three to four pounds in two days
  • You gain a pound a day over several days

In order to track weight gain, make weighing yourself a routine, and be sure to write down your weight every day. Talk to your care team if you’re not sure how you should weigh yourself or for tips for keeping track of it.

By keeping a close on eye on your weight, you’ll know right away if fluid is building up in your body.