Diabetes Medications
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A Couple Days After Surgery

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Diabetes Medications

After your surgery, it’s possible that your blood sugar could be higher than normal. The sugar in your blood is your body’s main source of energy, but having too much sugar can be a problem for your recovery and your health. Your care team may have you take medication to help control your blood sugar.

The side effects of diabetes medications will depend on the kind of medication that your care team gives you, so it’s important to talk with them about those side effects when they ask you to start taking the medication.

If you start taking diabetes medication after your surgery, it’s possible that you’ll be able to stop taking it at some point during your recovery, but it’s also possible that you’ll have to keep taking it even after you’re fully recovered. Please talk to your primary care provider before stopping any diabetes medication.

The best thing you can do to understand both how your high blood sugar might affect your recovery and how any diabetes medication might affect you is to talk to your care team. They may also have you work with a diabetes educator to help you understand the changes you need to make a healthy recovery.