Your Discharge Instructions Are Important

On your day of discharge, you will be given a packet of information.

This packet has your personal care instructions, such as how to take care of your surgical incision, suggestions about your activity level, and suggestions for changes to your diet.

You will get a list of prescriptions, as well as some general educational information about your condition. In some cases, you may attend a class before you leave that will also review
this education with you and your family.

When you go home, it is important that you understand the instructions for your follow-up care.
Appointments need to be made with your surgeon, cardiologist, and also your primary care physician as soon as possible when you go home. We can work with you if you need help making these appointments.

We encourage you and your family to be involved. During discharge, be ready with questions for your healthcare team about the discharge plan for you and ask for their contact information. They’re happy to provide any answers you need.

Our main goal is to get you on your way to being healthy and happy.