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After your surgery, your doctor might have you take what’s called a diuretic or a “water pill.” Diuretics help to get rid of extra fluid that is in your body and can help lower your blood pressure or reduce swelling from heart surgery or from heart failure.

Because your body is getting rid of extra fluid when you take diuretics, you will probably have to go to the bathroom more to urinate. Some other side effects can be feeling tired, feeling nauseous, being dizzy, or being lightheaded.

You should call your doctor if you are dizzy for a long time, you get a rash, you get muscle pains or cramps, you lose your appetite or vomit, or if you are always thirsty or have a dry mouth.

Some helpful tips to follow when you’re taking diuretics are:

  • Weigh yourself each day when you first wake up.
  • Take your medication in the morning or at least four hours before you go to bed.
  • If your doctor prescribed potassium pills, make sure to take them as directed.

If you have any questions about the diuretic you are taking or any concerns, please talk to your care team.