Heart Healthy Changes
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Heart Healthy Changes

After your cardiac surgery, some changes will need to be made in your day-to-day lifestyle to help your long-term health. Some of these changes will be new to you and will take time to get used to. But they are all very important, and with time will become a comfortable part of your lifestyle.

The first change will be taking medication on a regular schedule. Taking your medication on time, every day will help your chances of living comfortably and healthy.

Your diet may also need some permanent changes. Eating better will help you heal and stay heart healthy.

The last main change you need to make is raising your activity level. When you first return home from surgery, you may not be able to be very active, but once your body heals and you feel more like yourself, you’ll want to be more active.

All of these lifestyle changes are very important to your success and health, and to make them stick, it’s important to make gradual changes. Be realistic with what you tackle at any one time, and work with your care team and identify one or two important changes you can start with.