Pain Control- Drug Methods
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Pain Control- Drug Methods

If you have pain after having a procedure or surgery, good pain control is important to keep you comfortable and to help you get well faster and improve your results. Together, you and your care team will come up with the best plan for managing your pain.

Now, when most people think of pain control they often think about pain medication. While medication is not the only way to control pain, it can be very effective, especially when used with other pain control methods.

Pain medication comes in many forms. Your care team may give you pills, a patch, or a pump that you control. After a procedure or surgery, your care team will ask how well your pain medication plan is working. If it’s working, stick with it. If you’re still in pain, let your team know.

Pain medication sometimes has side effects. If you’re feeling itchy, dizzy, sleepy, sick to your stomach, or having difficulty going to the bathroom, let your care team know. They may be able to switch you to a medication that’s more comfortable for you.

The more information your care team has, the better they will be able to help you control your pain.