Visitor Information (MUMH)
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Visitor Information (MUMH)

We know it can be hard on friends and family during a patient’s stay in the hospital. To help us continue caring for patients when people visit, we have put together some visiting guidelines.

  1. Right before surgery, family members are allowed to stay with patients, even when this is outside of visiting hours.
  2. During surgery, friends and family can wait in the surgical waiting rooms. A member of the care team will provide a status update after the surgery.
  3. We don’t allow visitors to bring plants, flowers or fruit baskets to intensive-care units because they may spread germs or trigger allergies.
  4. Before bringing in food from home, visitors should ask the nursing staff if it’s OK.
  5. We ask visitors to turn off cell phones.
  6. To protect patient privacy, we do not allow visitors to take pictures.
  7. If visitors have a cold, they should wear a mask.
  8. Everyone should wash their hands before and after visiting.
  9. We ask visitors to keep visits short and to discuss with nursing staff how often people should visit.
  10. Visitors should pick one family spokesperson to get information between visits, including condition updates.

Visiting hours and restrictions vary on other units, so check with the specific unit to find out when family and friends may visit.