After Surgery Until Discharge
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After Surgery Until Discharge

If you’re admitted to the hospital after surgery, you’ll be transferred from the PACU to the orthopedic unit. In the orthopedic unit, we’ll help you develop a routine, starting with a physical therapy evaluation on the day of your surgery. You’ll be assisted out of bed on the same day to prevent joints from getting stiff and improve your circulation, decreasing your risk of blood clots. Planning for your discharge will begin immediately. The team will work with you to make sure you have the services you need when you get back home.

During your stay in the hospital, the day begins very early. A phlebotomist or nurse will come to draw your blood very early in the morning. Your nurse will assist you with changing the dressings around your wound and emptying the drain, if you have one. They will check your vital signs every four hours, help manage your pain, and assist you with activities of daily living. Remember to use the call bell to ask for assistance to avoid accidental falls.

Your physician, the resident physician, or physician assistant will evaluate you each morning. You’ll have physical therapy sessions each day to help you get back on your feet quickly, and you may also work with an occupational therapist.

While you work with many people in the hospital, you’re still able to have your family and friends visit you. Visitor policies in orthopedic units differ from hospital to hospital, so ask your care team about their policies.