Fall Prevention

It’s the entire team’s responsibility to keep you safe and prevent you from falling. Falling is easier than many realize and can result in serious injuries, leading to a longer hospital stay. It’s also easy to avoid. You can help the team in preventing falls by keeping the following in mind to stay safe:

  • Always sit on the seat of recliner chairs. Avoid sitting on the foot rest.
  • Use handles to close the footrest before getting out of the chair.
  • Use your walker, crutches, or cane to get around. Don’t hesitate to let your team know if you need to learn how to use the equipment.
  • The nursing team is here to help you. Always call on them whenever you need to get out of your bed or chair. Your nursing team may also need to be with you while you’re in the bathroom to make sure you remain safe.

Having these actions in mind helps to prevent falling, keeping you safe.