Preparing Your Home: Child and Pet Care, Groceries
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Preparing Your Home: Child and Pet Care, Groceries

Your loved ones are a big priority. It’s best to make arrangements before your surgery for those that depend on you most: your loved ones and pets.

You’ll need to arrange their care during your time in the hospital and after you’ve returned home. It’ll take time to heal completely, so make sure arrangements are covered during your recovery time as well.

Caring for your loved ones also means making sure there’s food at home. Stock up on groceries before your surgery. It should generally be healthy, long-lasting food that’s easy to make with little effort. It might be some time before you can safely shop on your own. Go ahead and stock up on essentials and nonperishable products. You can also consider grocery and pharmaceutical delivery services.

We’re focused on your care, and we understand that you have many responsibilities to handle when you return home. The more you plan ahead, the more you can focus on your recovery to quickly get back to your normal routine.