Preparing Your Home: Clothing

After surgery, putting on your shoes and getting dressed may not be as easy as before. Luckily, there’s a way around that.

You should do all your laundry prior to surgery. Then lay out a selection of easy-to-pull-on, comfortable clothes for you to wear afterward. Store them in easy-to-access areas, above waist level. This ensures that you avoid unnecessary bending and losing your balance.

Choose loose-fitting, comfortable clothes (like shorts, sweatpants, and athletic gear) to both bring to the hospital and wear at home. Don’t wear jeans or tight restrictive clothing. They’ll be difficult for you to put on and take off. Overall, you’ll want clothes that comfortably allow you to move freely without difficulty.

When it comes to footwear, you’ll need shoes that are easy to slip on. They should also have good traction and protect both your toes and heels. Don’t wear flip flops or high heels as they don’t provide adequate protection.