Welcome to the MedStar Health patient education video series on joint replacement surgery. Whether you are just beginning to consider one of these procedures or already have a surgery date booked, we know you may have questions about the process. We hope these videos provide some answers and help alleviate the anxiety that naturally comes with any medical procedure.

More than a million people undergo joint replacement surgery in the United States every year. Surgeries may be performed in a hospital or in an outpatient surgery center, depending on the recommendation of your surgeon and your insurance plan. These videos will support you with information on your specific procedure as well as give guidance on how to prepare for the day of surgery and your return home. We’ll discuss what to expect in terms of pain management, physical and occupational therapy, and some equipment you might find helpful after surgery.

At MedStar Health, we believe in keeping our patients informed. Many of our facilities offer on-site classes to learn more about joint replacement surgery. We encourage you and a caregiver to attend one if available. If you have any questions after viewing this video series, please contact your surgeon’s office or your patient care coordinator.