After surgery, it may be two to four weeks before your doctor will recommend driving and up to six weeks before you’re able to fly in an airplane. We recommend planning ahead and arranging for someone to drive you home from the hospital, as well as to any outpatient therapy and doctors’ appointments. The best vehicles to get around in are medium sized with enough ground clearance, giving you room to climb in safely. Vehicles that are too low to the ground, too compact, or too high may be difficult to get in and out of and may cause an injury. We want you to avoid bending your new joint in a way that can cause you pain.

Whether you’re deemed able to drive or not, getting your disability tag after your surgery may be difficult for you to do. Most states require you to sign for and receive your tag in person, so we recommend that you get it before your surgery. Visit your local motor vehicle website or call them to find out the details on what medical documents are required.

Planning your ride transportation and getting in the right kind of vehicles help ensure success on the road to recovery.