After Your Procedure

Day of Discharge
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Day of Discharge

Your discharge planning actually begins the day you arrive at the hospital for your surgery and continues until you leave. On your d...
Home Right After Your Procedure
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Home After Your Surgery

Once home after being discharged from the hospital, you want to take it easy at first and rest often to allow yourself the time to h...
Do I Call the Doctor?
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Do I Call My Doctor?

Your body has been through a lot since your surgery, and you may continue to see some changes as you heal. So when you notice someth...
When to Call 911
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When to Call 911

Call 911 if you feel like something’s seriously wrong, such as: Severe chest pain that doesn’t go away when you take your medi...
Is This Normal?
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Is This Normal?

After your cardiac surgery, your body is going to feel a little different in the days and weeks after you get home. Some of these ch...