Preparation for Treatment
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Preparation for Treatment

Preparing for your chemotherapy treatment is very important. Chemotherapy is usually given in a clinical or outpatient setting, so make sure you have someone who can drive you to and from your appointments until you feel comfortable driving yourself. Your chemotherapy sessions may take anywhere from two to seven hours, depending on the test or preparation that needs to be done. We recommend bringing a book or other quiet forms of entertainment to help pass the time.

Be sure to let your care team know about any medications or herbal supplements you may be taking, and be sure to bring all of your medications with you to your appointment. Some medications may cause problems if taken with your chemotherapy. If any of your medications change during your chemotherapy, be sure to tell your care team right away.

Chemotherapy may affect you ability to have children, so it’s important to talk with your doctor about any family planning concerns you may have. Patients receiving chemotherapy are at a higher risk of catching a cold, the flu, or other contagious diseases, so it’s important to avoid being around anyone who’s sick.